The Cave


7 December 2021: Blanktape live from L’Usine Geneva One hour impro music with Blanktape, the Geneva based trio of micro sound alchemists. Broadcasting on Resonance Extra 8 pm UK time


1 December 2020: Mensa Sonora Book One hour in the Radio Picnic Studio. Eating, reading and listening to sound created by our lovely radio artists. Artists on the studio: Kim Laugs, Emanuelle Nizou, Maxime Lacôme, Selene Mauvis, Tzii, Julien Bibard, YZ, Samuel Tombola. Artists on the book: Alexandre Joly, David Liver, Gian Paolo Minelli, Henry [ continue ] MENSA SONORA BOOK


17 November 2020: Maxou Bisou und YZ im Radio Lady and Gentleman, Madame et Monsieur, Signore e Signori, Damen und Herren, Dear Radio listener…Tonight an encounter between magic and disembodied voice. Maxou Bisou is a handyman and a sound shaman. YZ electronic PostTarab. Broadcasting on Freie Radio BerlinBerlin Brandenburg / Colaboradio88,4 MHz in Berlin or


2 October 2020: Cassé à la radio Cassé are Caroline Profanter and Selene Mauvis playing with old and broken instruments.Caroline Profanter collects field recordings, combines them with electronics, and explores the grey zones in between concrete material and abstraction.Selene Mauvis is a textile designer and object creator . On one hand she research a second [ continue ] CASSE’


15 September 2020: IKI GAGA, tape label, BrusselsDiscovering the new tape label based in Brussels. Releasing exclusively on tape unconventional music for unconventional people.


16 June 2020: Cyril Yeterian from Bongo JoeWe are broadcasting live today from Bongo Joe Records store in the center of the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Bongo Joe is a charming meeting point or cultural hub with a lot of plants and a lot of vinyls, tape and some book, it is a bar [ continue ] BONGO JOE


16 June 2020: Geoid Color CircleGeoid Color Circle is an audiovisual project composed of Alban Mercier, William Lambeau and Katia Lecomte Mirsky, oscillating between experimental electronic music and psychedelic video dispositives. Initially based in brussels where they organize diverse events with their collective L’oiseau Bleu, Geoid Color Circle works both sound and video in an [ continue ] GEOID COLOR CIRCLE


18 Feb 2020: RadioDeadLive broadcasting after two days of radio workshop at the University of Fine Art in Geneva.With: Tom Wenger, Vidya Gastaldon, Julien Horni, Tiki Bordin, Julia Pelichet, Anais Balmon, Caroline Savary, Jessica Volke, Louise Wang, Marie Dupraz, Ophelie Couelle, Serena Marcelline, Simon Frommel, Tamara Liardet, Tanguy Melinand, Thomas Cerato, Mikael Lewertoff, Timothee Bedat, [ continue ] RADIODEAD


4 Feb 2020: Aymeric de TapolAymeric de Tapol a sound explorer, freak noisier, shaman creating ritual music inducing state of trance or state of dreams. He speak about ghosts and music.


7 Jan 2020: S M O G with Vera CavallinS M O G is the name of a series of contemporary and non-classical music concerts held in Brussels. Taking place in chilled and lively contexts, S M O G is an opportunity to get to know people’s latest works on music composition and sound research. [ continue ] SMOG