Musica per la radio


A series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radioWe talk about Music for the radio because we believed in an initial hypothesis where specific music for the radio exists and whose optimal listening conditions are through the radio, through the radio device and through the radio speaker. 202012 July at [ continue ] MUSICA PER LA RADIO


Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist who explores concepts of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and nostalgia through his sound works. At the core of his practice lies a fascination with the intimacy of the radio voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the reappropriation of found recordings. A rich collection of domestic tape recordings; audio [ continue ] MARK VERNON


Charo Calvo studied Physic Sciences at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, she was an active member of the theater company of the university and became a dancer after an unexpected workshop given by an American dancer of Martha Graham in Madrid in 1980. She arrived in 1987 to Brussels as a founder member of the dance [ continue ] CHARO CALVO


Ma Fille, duo mythique d’une certaine scène genevoise, avec des apparitions aussi rares que la canicule au mois de décembre, MA FILLE (Mara Krastina from Massicot & Vegan 2000 et l’artiste visuelle Paola Carbone) Musica per la radio is a series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio Link to [ continue ] MA FILLE


Caroline Profanter studied Computer Music and Electronic Media at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and holds a Master’s degree in Acousmatic Composition from the Conservatoire Royal de Mons in Belgium.She collects field recordings, combines them with electronics, and explores the grey zones in between concrete material and abstraction. Therefore she collects [ continue ] CAROLINE PROFANTER


Thee total sonic fallout, conducted by traffucked, severely screwed and always delayed sphere recordings, saturated with no reason, no logic and no input. A nihilistic sound manifesto, for thee last ones and thee retarded Musica per la radio is a series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio Link to [ continue ] NuR


Le duo Rush & Ranouchka se retrouvent pour la deuxième fois dans le sibyllin studio radio pic-nic avec l’intention de composer une musique radio ésotérique visant une expérience active et divine de transmutation. La finalité du projet radiophonique allant au-delà de l’écoute-même de la musique, elle vise à mener tant l’auditeur que les compositeurs vers [ continue ] RUSH & RANOUCHKA


TAIMASHOE (Gessica Zinni), a Zurich based artist, explore the maze of grunge and folk using her voice, acustic instruments and electronic. She wink at the dragons of the beat generation bringing freshness and experimentation without fear on enligthing unusual path. A mix between speleology and surfing on musical genre and style. She calls it: A [ continue ] TAIMASHOE


Anita mélange des sons issus du réel à des sons synthétiques, construisant et déconstruisant de très belle manière de larges et profonds espaces sonores imaginaires. Floutant magnifiquement la frontière entre sons synthétiques et sons du réel, Anita nous plonge dans un état de trouble d’avant-sieste/sommeil, confondant nos sens et perceptions, là où les sons/source sonores [ continue ] ANITA


He’s been producing electronic music with computers, mpcs, synthesizers, bass guitars and a fleet of analogue effect gear. He has a fondness for samples from old records, movies and has also been discovering field recording. Bit-Tuner works with heavy beats, blown up bass sounds, gloomy athmospheres, acid-driven melodies and uproaring soundscapes. His musical field of [ continue ] BIT-TUNER