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Data Sonification

Data Sonification – Daniel Maszkowicz What is the difference between Data driven Music and Data Sonification? When sound esthetics meet science and technology. This report presents several sound pieces that were composed with the use of Data by scientist-artist Daniel Maszkowicz. The pieces are presented with evocations of scientific and esthetic considerations, collected from several [ continue ] Data Sonification


RöstiBrücke 2023 Electroacoustic Cabaret RöstiBrücke 2023 is the second part of an annual series of trans-linguistic-regional music exchange in Switzerland. Initiated right after the pandemic, this dialogue in performance and sound arts builds bridges between venues and artists. Cave12 and the Walcheturm pioneered by taking part in 2022. For this 2023 edition, we managed to [ continue ] RÖSTIBRÜCKE 2023


RenaissanceInstallations, performances, conferences, from 2 to 25 June 2022, Le Commun Genevahttps://renaissance.ooo/ Renaissance is an exhibition of audio-visual installations produced in collaboration by the duo of digital artists from the Robert Turner Collective and the electroacoustic jazz music duo INFLUUT. Works of algorithmic abstraction offer a synesthetic immersion, inviting introspection and meditation. Each day presents [ continue ] SLEEPING CONCERTS


Ronosterabak is series of music shows presented in the form of a sound cabaret that merges genres and sensitivities. In a setup where the venue becomes the stage, the public is invited to take the voyage from one atmosphere to another. Röstibrücke has the ambition of establishing a contact between Züreich and Genferei, with artists [ continue ] RÖSTIBRÜCKE 2022


Radio GalèreDes projets qui ne sont pas finis. Des histoires pas faciles. De la musique embryonnaire.ON GALÈRE!!!Il y aura sûrement des problèmes techniques! Avec:Andrea Marioni, Stefan Robert, Antoine Läng, Céline Roduit, Cyril Yeterian, Fhunyue Gao, Le voyant, Fuchsy Lady, Jerrycan, Kika Demange, Maxou Bisou, Laurent Schmid, Magda – Présence Absence, Mark Matter, Mathilde Maillard, Tzii, [ continue ] RADIO GALÈRE


RADIO PICNIC LUNA PARK Crémaillère/Solstice/Fête de la musique/Anniversaire Aux platines: Tzii_DJ (Guinée) Armin Tanzarian (Grottes de Lascaux) Aux instruments et micros: Iry LeJeune & Leo Soileau (Sud Ouest USA) Cassé (Bruxelles Place du jeu de balle) First Drip (Syberie Orientale) Arc en ciel électronique (NY) Taimashoe (Zürich) Ordinateur Végétarien (Saleve) Animations: Lotto, Fléchette, Piscine enfants, [ continue ] LUNA PARK


Dérive radiophonique est une expérience collective de réappropriation du réel. Dans les prochaine 30 minutes vous allez écouter deux groupes de jeunes artistes révolutionnaires qui vont arpenter le quartier de Forest et le quartier de Schaerbeek à Brussels. Vous allez écouter leur dérive sonore en direct par le biais de la radio. La carte psychogéographique [ continue ] DERIVE RADIOPHONIQUE


An hour long dive in the DIY cassette culture of Brussels, sometimes even crossing its border, to discover some shiny pearls on the muddy bottom, grabbed by mechanical octopi tentacles and bitten by harsh noisy teeth on the way back up. Jonathan and Kim are 2 cultural entrepreneurs that emigrated to the European capital chaos [ continue ] WOW FLUTTER


Radio Picnic célèbre six ans de vie, d’amour et de création radio à Bruxelles.Broadcast on Kiosk RadioVin chaud dans le Parc Royale! Avec extraits sonores de:Tzii, Afrika Moto, Mark Vernon, Zamzamrec, Aymeric de Tapol, Homnimal, Maxou Bisoux, Emmanuelle Nizou, Weird Dust, Massicot, Charo Calvo, Vegan 2000, Smog, Frederic Altstadt, C_C, Lexi Disques, Yann Leguay, Pneu [ continue ] SIX ANS À BRUSSELS


Initially the popularity of tape-recorders as an underground music-recording format was not related in any form to a fascination with the specific aesthetics of the medium, but simply with its function. The decision to buy a cassette rather than a vinyl was a decision based on relative convenience, since sound quality is actively sacrificed in [ continue ] TAPE CULTURE